New To Wearing Hair?

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New To Wearing Hair?

Everyone will know I am wearing a Hair Piece ! 😩


No-one is paying that much attention... Trust us!


Think everyone id far more bothered about themselves then our hair 😂.

Those who are not stalking all the hair accounts on Insta do not have a perfectly blended hairline at their mind’s forefront. People, may notice that maybe, ‘something about you seems different’ or they might ask where you got your hair done. BUT, they are never going to suspect that you have an extra layer of hair on your head. And if they do, hats off to them! They are probably also secretly saving alternate hair images to their camera roll. 


Finding the right piece isn't always going to ne easy and one you do it takes time to find your GROOVE ✨✨

It is most likely going to take a little style experimentation, a good wash and blow dry to make it yours. Also, taking it into a hair stylist to have it cut and blended to suit your own natural hair can make such a massive difference to how confident you will feel in your new topper. 


Just remember that you are not obligated to tell people that you are wearing hair. Except the endless compliments.. Wow girl your hair looking AMAZING ❤️
If you are feeling that people are constantly staring at your hair, there probably trying to figure out how to recreate it themselves 👌.

Your toppers needs to match your hair perfectly

This is not exactly true. Your topper does not need to be a perfect match with your own hair. The main reason is that your topper is going to be covering the majority of your hair. 

One benefit of wearing hair and being open about it is that you CAN change up your look! If the root colour of the topper is a similar colour to your natural hair then you can pull off almost anything. But, if you are wanting something that mimics your natural colour more closely, if you go a shade lighter or a shade darker, you will be absolutely fine! Try not to send yourself into a COLOUR RESEARCH frenzy. Go with your gut and ask for pictures of the colour in a few different lights (e.g. natural sunlight, bright windows and indoor lights). Yes, lighting will actually be the death of us! Who knew a blonde piece can look 7 different shades depending on where you are in the world *sweat*. If in doubt, go a bit lighter as it is easy for your hairdresser to darken the topper, but lightening the topper is a whole other story (and we don’t wanna go there!)


And if still in doubt, YES, you can email some clear photos of your natural hair to us and we will hold your hand. But please, take some purposeful photos! Selfies in front of bright windows, showing all angles is super helpful! Photos wearing a baseball cap and applying a blue filter is not (but we still love you just as much).


My hair loss has only just started so it might be too early to dive into hair land.


Nope! Again, this is a personal preference. Plenty of people (including celebrities and tv personalities) wear wigs and toppers, not to cover hair loss, but to enhance the hair they already have. These people use wigs and toppers as a fashion accessory! How cool is that? If you are only at the beginning of your hair loss journey, it is completely up to you whether you are going to choose to rock alternate hair or just embrace your natural hair. 


From our personal experience and also our experience with chatting to 100s of clients on the daily, the common remark is always, ‘I wish I jumped in sooner’. It is not until you own beautiful hair that you realise how much easier life can get! It is so easy to style, and honestly, our toppers and wigs make every outfit look amazing!! Let me explain…you know when you are rocking a killer outfit but your hair is just looking….flat, and then just nothing you do to it seems to help….I know you know what we are talking about *wink face*.


So there we have it! I hope we have been able to clear the air a bit with these more tricky questions and bring you one step closer to dream hair! Drop us a line if you have any other hairy business you would like us to discuss. We always love hearing from you!